We Are the Rapa Nui People

Welcome, friends, to our island!

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Tourist face painting takona

Meet the Living Culture

Learn about and participate in local traditions

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Dancing couple Te Ra'ai show

Enjoy Local Dances and Music

Our artistic expressions come from ancient times

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Cook food with fire

Cook Like a Local

Explore exotic Rapa Nui gastronomy

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A Culture is its People

Artistic expressions are an important part of the living memory of the Rapa Nui culture.

We Are the Descendants of the Moai Builders

Ancient traditions have been passed down from generation to generation through music and dances.

Our Experiences

Let us invite you to get to know the living culture of Rapa Nui, full of traditions, artistic expression and gastronomy

Dinner and Show Experience

Live the Rapa Nui culture through gastronomy, music and dances

Traditional Cooking

Participate when opening a ceremonial earth oven and taste its food

Exquisite Dinner

Enjoy our dinner buffé with tastes inspired from a fusion between Rapa Nui and the world

Dance Show

Enjoy traditional dances from different time periods and learn about their meaning

Tunu Ahi BBQ Workshop

Learn to make handicrafts, hear legends and taste local flavors

Local BBQ

Taste Rapa Nui flavors and ingredients when having a BBQ like a local

Make Handicrafts

Learn how to make traditional handicrafts using local materials

Ancient Legends

Listen to stories about ancient kings, spirits and great deeds

Ancestral Wedding Ceremony

Reaffirm your sacred vows with the sea, the winds, the ancient spirits and the moai as whitnesses


Exchange marriage vows in Rapa Nui style in an amazing location

Rapa Nui Buffet

Enjoy an exquisite buffet made with fresh local products


Bring professionally taken photos with you back home